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Nail Education
Dream _ Gel Mani
Dream _ Gel Mani
Gel Mani Nail Class

Do you struggle to create lasting manicures for your customers?

This masterclass teaches you how to strategically apply gel polish with speed and consistency. Improve your current gel manicure technique without having to invest in a variety of new products.


Training available for virtual, 1-on-1, or small group.

Acrylic Nail Class

It doesn’t matter how long or cute your nails are if they don’t last.


This workshop teaches you how to consistently prep, lay, and shape liquid and powder with precision. Decrease your service times without compromising quality - your clients will be sure to thank you!


Training available for virtual, 1-on-1, or small group.

Image by Dan-Cristian Pădureț
Nail Biz Strategy Session

Get personalized strategy from a

5+ year nail industry professional.


Let’s deep dive into the systems within your nail business: 

Customer Acquisition + Retention

Unique Customer Experience

Nail Service Niche

Products + Other Offers

Work-Life Balance

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